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Author Sarah Robinson dishes about her new book, Breaking a Legend

Sep 10, 2015 Random Notes

Fighter romance books are very popular in the book world today, however, I’d never even read one before writing Breaking a Legend. I don’t know why, maybe I just never came across one that grabbed my attention. When I finished writing this book, I decided to start reading some to see what else was out there. I absolutely fell in love with works by JB Salsbury and Katy Evans. There are some amazing fighter books out there and I’m honored to join them with Rory and Clare’s story.

Since I didn’t really start reading that type of romance until I was finished with Breaking a Legend, most of the research that went into writing it in the first place was just plain old studying. I read every article on mixed martial arts that I could find on Google, I read manuals and guides, and I read all kinds of terminology lists on what to say/not say. There’s a lot to know, but there’s also a lot of personal preference.

Breaking a Legend by Sarah Robinson

Breaking a Legend

By Sarah Robinson

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Most of my research centered around different types of techniques, holds, grabs, takedowns, etc, as well as terminology and history. While they might not be an integral part of Rory’s story, they do serve as a backdrop for the entire series. It was important for me to describe how the family gym, Legends, is set up and make everything accurate.

Mixed Martial Arts itself is a full-contact sport that combines martial arts, wrestling, and other combat sports into one epic battle. It’s called mixed for a reason, it’s just everything combined. There’s boxing, wresting, karate, taekwondo, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, judo, and more all in one sport. It’s fairly new, despite it’s rich and long reaching origins, as the term mixed martial arts only dates back to the 1990’s. The sport itself is now regulated and has spread internationally. While there are many organizations that support and sanction the sport, there is none bigger than the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) which features the world’s top-ranked fighters and is a billion dollar organization.

The whole intoxication of mixed martial arts, and why it’s such a perfect fit in the romance genre, is because of the taboo passion one must have to compete in that sport. Despite the fact that a lot of MMA has gone main stream, it’s still deeply rooted in it’s past of underground battles with illegal betting. The sport itself is passion, strength, and pain- and really, isn’t that what love is?

To be honest, however, this book isn’t one heavy fight scene after another. It really is all about the relationship between Rory and Clare, which is something universal. You don’t need to Google what love is, you just need to feel it. I hope everyone who reads Breaking a Legend feels that, and has it in their own lives as well.

Learn more about the book here.

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