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Creative Writing for NYC High Schoolers and Their Teachers

Dec 18, 2015 News

At the annual Inspiring Young Writers’ Luncheon hosted by the Penguin Random House Foundation, NYC English teachers came to our Penguin Random House offices this week for their own day of writing and inspiration.  During a morning writing workshop they were able to explore their own creative writing. English Teacher Elissa Goldstein said: “In the space of two hours, teaching artist Richard Hoehler took a group of stressed out English teachers and put them through a series of fun and eye-opening exercises.  There were cheers, gasps, cries and creative juices flowing all around the room.  All of us recognized that these exercises, when brought back to the classroom, could only help our students find their voices and help them to develop their love of words and creativity.”

In the afternoon, Penguin Random House Creative Writing Award alumni from Amherst College, Stonybrook and City College, among others, met up with some of their former teachers to  hear more about the creative writing process from Knopf Doubleday Author Susan Minot.  Barbara Rothenberg, President of the New York City Association of Assistant Principals Supervision, English, said, “I thought she was great and spoke so well about her writing voice and how she went about discovering it. Her ideas could definitely be used in any high school classroom and/or by anyone who aspires to be a writer.  Her points were clear, coherent, and inspiring.”

If you are a high schooler in New York City, check out our Creative Writing Competition!

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