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Book Recommendations | Staff Picks: Robert

Apr 26, 2019 Blog

Who better to give book recommendations than the bookish experts? Penguin Random House employees are sharing their favorite reads every month. Browse below!

Here’s what Robert, a designer, had to say:

Photography, music, design and illustration. That pretty much sums me up. I love going out to eat, especially here in the city, and I love to read. I’m more keen to read a book about a specific topic but I also learn a lot from fictional characters.

Check out the books he recommends:

Dune by Frank Herbert


By Frank Herbert

Dune is one of those books I’ve read more than once. It's political, religious and metaphysical and has some of the best interpersonal dialogues I’ve ever read. Frank Herbert has a way of giving you just enough information and allowing you the reader to fill in the blanks. Read more >

Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut

Breakfast of Champions

By Kurt Vonnegut

This wouldn’t be the first Vonnegut book I would suggest reading, but it’s my favorite. It’s wonderfully wacky and describes everything that Vonnegut feels is wrong with society and humankind. It’s dark but somehow after I read it, I always remain hopeful for the future. Read more >

Cherry by Nico Walker


By Nico Walker

This novel was a gift and it was a spot on choice. Nico Walker writes in cutting sentences that are so profane and yet some how not offensive. It's a gritty tale of anguish and the author has managed to tell his story and create a piece of art. Read more >

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