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Book Recommendations | Staff Picks: Kelsey Manning

Jan 24, 2020 Blog

Who better to give book recommendations than the bookish experts? Penguin Random House employees are sharing their favorite reads every month. Browse below!

Kelsey is a Senior Marketing Manager and sometime bookstagrammer.

Check out the books she recommends:

Normal People by Sally Rooney

Normal People

By Sally Rooney

I read 80 books in 2019 (humblebrag sorry). The point is: this was my favorite, and it wasn’t even close. Sally Rooney is an absolute genius when it comes to all the tiny nuances of human interaction. I was so utterly engrossed that as I was reading I just kept thinking that I might have to blow up my actual... Read more >

Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid

Such a Fun Age

By Kiley Reid

I know, I know, Reese is already on it, but this book is so excellent I can’t help by add my voice to choir. What amazed me about this novel was the way Kiley Reid had so much empathy for every character, without letting a single one of them off the hook. It is all I’ve ever wanted in a novel: deeply... Read more >

Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed

Tiny Beautiful Things

By Cheryl Strayed

Okay I needed at least one wildcard pick right? So I got married this past year and we gave away some of our all-time favorite books as wedding favors. This was one of mine, and I’m still getting texts about how much people loved reading it. If you haven’t read this collection of Cheryl Strayed’s life... Read more >

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