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Wife of the Gods Reader’s Guide

By Kwei Quartey

Wife of the Gods by Kwei Quartey


WIFE OF THE GODS is written by Kwei Quartey, a man. Does he portray Ghanaian women in a strong and positive light?

2. At one point in the story, Christine, the wife of the protagonist Darko Dawson, accuses him of being “male supremacist.” Do you feel that was a fair accusation?

3. Detective Darko Dawson has several contrasting character traits. One of them is an explosive temper in certain situations. What accounts for this? Does that make him less likeable?

4. Arguments for and against the still-existing traditional practice of†Trokosi are presented in the book, the opposing side asserting that it is indentured servitude or even slavery, the proponents insisting that it is an age-old solution for crimes committed. What is your view?

5. Darko loved his aunt Osewa, yet he had not visited her in 25 years. Does that seem odd? What do you believe is the reason for the long absence?

6. Some reviews of WIFE OF THE GODS say there is humor in the novel. Do you agree? What humorous moments struck you?

7. Did you feel you learned anything about Ghana in this novel? What did you find remarkable, if anything?

8. How would you describe the dynamic between Darko, Christine, and Gifty, her mother?

9. Do you feel Gifty was genuinely concerned about her grandson, Hosiah, or was she just self-serving?

10. Townsfolk accused Elizabeth of witchcraft. How do you feel about that?

11. What were your feelings about Togbe Adzima, the priest, and how did you feel about the act committed against him by Efia, one of his wives?

12. Do you suspect there was a love affair between Isaac the healer and Gladys, the victim?

13. Were you surprised by the ending of the book?
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