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Inside Your Outside Teacher’s Guide

By Tish Rabe

Inside Your Outside by Tish Rabe



The Cat in the Hat takes Dick and Sally for a
trip through the Inside Your Outside Machine.
They learn about their insides from their toes to
their brains–the workings of the brain and their
skeletons. They study their senses and muscles,
eyes, and intestines. When the ride is done, the
most important thing they learn is that something
is going on inside them all the time.


Activity: Drawing What’s Inside Your Outside
Students will be able to draw and
label the systems of the body
MATERIALS: large sheets of butcher paper,
crayons, markers, pencils, pictures of the
body systems
1) After reading the book, review the different body systems.
2) As a group, label the major parts of the body.
3) Break the class into four groups and assign one child in each group
to lay down on their piece of butcher paper while the other group
members trace that child.
4) Each group will draw in a different body system on the traced body
on the butcher paper.
5) Have students label the picture and all major parts.
6) Display the four labeled body systems around the room.

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