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Tuesday Night Miracles Reader’s Guide

By Kris Radish

Tuesday Night Miracles by Kris Radish


Questions and Topics for Discussion

1. The four women in this book who are ordered into anger management treatment crossed an invisible “anger” line for what is acceptable.  Have you ever been close to or crossed the line?

2. Does society have different anger rules for men and women?

3. Olivia’s treatment plan is far from traditional but she seems to do a good job of helping these women move forward.  How do you feel about the way she handled this special class?

4. Many themes were addressed in this book beyond anger, including letting go of a child, domestic violence, family drama, unrealistic personal expectations, guilt and possible incest.  Do any of these important issues stand out in your life or in the life of someone you know?

5. Developing adult anger coping methods is an important aspect of all of our lives.  How do you cope with anger?

6. Grace is having a difficult time juggling her life’s load and letting go of her younger daughter.  How difficult is it to balance your expectations against those of someone you love?

7. People are often critical of domestic violence victims like Leah for not leaving a physically or emotionally abusive relationship. Why do you think it’s so hard for some women to leave?

8. Olivia works hard to infuse some frivolity into her unique treatment plan.  How important is it for you to have balance in your own life?

9. Have you ever known a career- and success-obsessed woman like Jane who finds it nearly impossible to connect on an emotionally true level?

10. Kit has kept a deep, dark secret for most of her life. Do you think society is more open to revelations like hers now?

11. It’s clear that Olivia is working hard to show these women how much they have to lose if they don’t move forward and address the issues that drove them to cross the line. Have you ever thought about what you might lose if you crossed the same line?

12. Female friendship is an important underlying theme in this novel.  Is it possible to find commonality with women in your own life who at first glance might not seem to have anything in common with you?

13. Olivia’s best friend and confidant is her remarkable dog, Phyllis. How do you feel about the importance of animals in our lives?

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