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Dream Country Reader’s Guide

By Luanne Rice

Dream Country by Luanne Rice


A novel filled with tender reunions and poignant turns of fate, Dream Country showcases the storytelling power of bestselling novelist Luanne Rice at her finest. Daisy and James Tucker faced every parent’s worst fear: thirteen years ago when, their little boy vanished, disappearing into the canyons of Wyoming, never to be found. The devastating loss shattered his family. James stayed in the west, hoping that his son might be found again. Daisy settled in Connecticut, raising their remaining child, Sage’s twin sister, Sage. Now, hiding a startling secret, sixteen-year-old Sage has disappeared too, setting off on a dangerous cross-country journey in search of safe harbor with her father and the rugged land he calls home. As she nears her destination, Sage’s pilgrimage becomes a remarkable story of survival and redemption—and the miracles that can make a family whole again.

The questions and discussion topics that follow are intended to enhance your reading of Luanne Rice’s Dream Country. We hope they will enrich your experience of this mesmerizing novel.

Questions and Topics for Discussion

1. Discuss the novel’s title. What dreams and hopes do the characters share? What keeps their dreams alive?

2. What makes Daisy unusual among single moms? How does her relationship with Sage compare to Ben’s relationship with his mother? Does Daisy nurture Sage’s ability to take care of herself?

3. How do Sage’s feelings about her father change throughout the novel? Is her image of him realistic?

4. What legacy of young love does Daisy pass on to Sage? What aspects of Daisy’s past does she see in her daughter?

5. What is Louisa’s role in the characters’ lives? What makes her a unique source of wisdom? How does she compare to the recollections Daisy has of her own parents?

6. What does Wyoming represent to Daisy and Sage? How does the landscape of Wyoming compare to Connecticut? How do these two settings reflect the characters’ identities?

7. What is the significance of Daisy’s jewelry, and her belief that in some way she is giving her love away with each piece? What powers do you believe her jewelry possesses? How does her understanding of the spirit world echo David’s?

8. How are Daisy and James able to heal themselves and each other enough to rekindle their love? How is their relationship affected by years of not knowing Jake’s fate? Who was wounded the most by his disappearance?

9. In what ways does David rescue Sage, emotionally as well as physically? Why does he understand the suffering induced at the puppy farm? What makes him a good savior?

10. What does it take to convince David that not all parents are out for themselves? What does it take to convince James that vengeance will not quell his pain?

11. How did your impressions of Paul shift throughout the novel? Ultimately, what were his motivations?

12. What is the significance of the snow geese’s return in the novel’s closing scene?

13. Discuss the homecomings that have made a significant impact on your life. Was forgiveness a necessary part of the process?

14. How does Dream Country enhance themes of family ties and hope in other Luanne Rice novels you have read?

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