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The Blindfold Test by Barry Schechter

The Blindfold Test

Best Seller
The Blindfold Test by Barry Schechter
May 19, 2020 | ISBN 9781612198835

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  • May 19, 2020 | ISBN 9781612198835

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"Reading Blindfold Test is a new and radical pleasure. Barry Schechter regards the dirty tricks with which life undoes his protagonist-the nightmare neighbors and prodigious happenings-with a kind of glee. We are reminded that Kafka was supposed to have held his sides laughing while he read friends his stories."
-Lore Segal, author of Shakespeare’s Kitchen

"The Blindfold Test is a beautiful and terrifying pleasure, a metaphysically witty novel rich with melancholy joie de vivre." -Matthew Sharpe, author of The Sleeping Father

"part-comedy, part-thriller….The Blindfold Test is blanketed with paranoia, quite Kafkaesque…"

"the kind of novel Woody Allen and Hunter S. Thompson would’ve written together if they could’ve gotten along….That Schechter can combine HST’s gonzo morality and pacing with Allen’s deadpan is almost too much. But still, we couldn’t get enough."
—Jonathan Messinger, TimeOut Chicago

"The slapstick comedy…never entirely drowns out an undercurrent of hard-won paranoia. And the best thing that Schechter does, the thing that earns his book a deserved double take, happens when you hear the conspiratorial whispers yourself."
—Philadelphia City Paper

"…a funny book with lots of local color."
Chicago Reader PDF

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