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The Way Forward Is with a Broken Heart Reader’s Guide

By Alice Walker

The Way Forward Is with a Broken Heart by Alice Walker


Questions and Topics for Discussion

1. In the Jim Crow South, whites had daily, often intimate contact with blacks whom they trusted to work in their homes and care for their children. Given that context, what was their rationale for en-acting laws against interracial marriage?

2. What are some of the societal messages put forth about interracial relationships today?

3. How does the epistolary technique have an impact on the narrative in ÒTo My Young HusbandÓ?

4. What can be learned from the experiences of biracial children in an increasingly diverse society?

5. In ÒKindred SpiritsÓ the narrator makes reference to Cuban immi-grants in the United States. Discuss the Cuban revolution and its impact on American politics.

6. Discuss the relationship between Marcella, Angel, and Sally as depicted in ÒThere Was a River.Ó How would you handle such a scenario?

7. How is the subject of pornography addressed in ÒThe Brotherhood of the SavedÓ? Is it possible to limit access to pornography without breaching First Amendment rights?

8. If you brought your gift to Alice Walker, what would it be?

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