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The Goon Volume 14: Occasion of Revenge

Best Seller
The Goon Volume 14: Occasion of Revenge by Eric Powell
Apr 14, 2015 | 136 Pages
  • Paperback $16.99

    Apr 14, 2015 | 136 Pages

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“As the rogue’s gallery of the comic unite to battle the hero, the readers get brilliant storytelling that elevate the villain conglomerate motif above the clich that it has become. I don’t know how Paulsey’s reanimated corpse will play into the story, but that mystery drives me to find out. Based on past issues, I know the writer has a clever plan involved that will entice me, stupefy me, and entertain me. And elements like that make this book a consistent masterpiece of the medium.” —Comic Bastards

“For more than 15 years, cartoonist Eric Powell has been creating a world full of mobsters, zombies, and other strange creatures in the pages of The Goon. At the heart of it all lies the titular Goon, a big-hearted bruiser of few words and simple motivations: He likes to beat bad guys up. With a devoted following thanks to its unique blend of over-the-top comedy and exuberant storytelling, The Goon  is an indie comics staple—one that’s about to change in a big way.”–ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY


“Superb.”–VILLAGE VOICE/ Topless Robot

“One of the most singular minds working on comics today…. the heir to both the literary tradition of Watchmen and the cultural immediacy and temporariness of Caniff that Eisner praises in Graphic Storytelling & Visual Narrative.”–POP MATTERS

“Eric Powell’s pulp horror-comedy The Goon is up there with Mike Mignola’s Hellboy in terms of creator-owned characters that have managed to resonate with fans for a good number of years now. Powell has been telling stories for over 15 years about this hulking, zombie-fighting mobster, and recently the comedy that has driven this series through the years has been giving way to plenty of tragedy….Powell is on top of his game these days, especially artistically. He’s given his chiseled looking characters a new level of realistic detail that, with the muted, nearly black and white tones, makes it look torn from the pages of Mad Magazine and the EC Comics of the mid-20th century.”–MENTAL FLOSS

“This book will tear your heart out, and then pack your chest cavity full of violent retribution!”–FREAK SUGAR

“The Goon sits side-by-side with other long-running, auteur comics like Hellboy,Usagi Yojimbo, and even Cerebus.”–COMICBOOK.COM

“The Goon is simultaneously hilarious while tragic, retro but innovative, and novel yet recognizable — every one of its characters is familiar to us from the morass of our grandparents’ culture, around the Golden Age of Hollywood. This is pastiche noir. It’s horror and sci-fi and western and gangster films–a million celluloid rarebit fiend dreams, stuck in a blender and poured in the ear of a powerhouse creative dynamo from Tennessee.”–CBS MAN CAVE

“For sheer pulp exhilaration, depression-era strongman The Goon represents an undeniable high point in comics. Created by writer/artist Eric Powell in 1998, the long-running series follows the titular Goon and his sidekick, Franky, as they duke it out with all manner of the occult, including an unsavory figure known as the Zombie Priest..”—-PASTE MAGAZINE

“A whopping mess of fisticuffs, sharp dialogue and well-paced narrative that can move from touching to terrifying at the drop of a hat. . . Well worth your time and money, The Goon: Occasion of Revenge is a visual and emotional stunner.”-USA TODAY

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