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Selected Tales by Brothers Grimm, Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm

Selected Tales

Best Seller
Selected Tales by Brothers Grimm, Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm
Paperback $18.00
Feb 24, 1983 | ISBN 9780140444018

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  • Feb 24, 1983 | ISBN 9780140444018

    Also available from:

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Table Of Contents

Translated with an Introduction and Notes by David Luke

1. The Fisher an His Gweedwife
2. Rumplestiltskin
3. Hansel and Gretel
4. Little Redcape
5. Rapunzel
6. Briar Rose
7. Snowwhite
8. The Jeniper Tree
9. Little Brother and Little Sister
10. The Three Little Men in the Forest
11. Mother Snowbed
12. The Three Birdies
13. The Twelve Brothers
14. The Seven Ravens
15. The Six Swans
16. The Two Brothers
17. The Master Huntsman
18. The Water of Life
19. The Golden Bird
20. The Dwarfie
21. Jack the Strong Man
22. The Six Who Went Far in the World
23. The Six Servants
24. The Sea-Rabbit
25. The Worn-out Dancing-shoes
26. The Devil’s Three Golden Hairs
27. The Griffin
28. The Three Snake-leaves
29. Faithful John
30. One-eye, Two-eyes and Three-eyes
31. Ashiepattle
32. Manypelts
33. The Rightful Bride
34. The Iron Stove
35. The Twa Royal Bairnies
36. The Goosegirl
37. Jack of Iron
38. The Frog King, or Iron Harry
39. The Young Donkey
40. Jack My Hedgehog
41. The Magic Table, the Gold-donkey, and the Cudgel in the Sack
42. The Knapsack, the Hat and the Horn
43. The Blue Lamp
44. The Salad-donkey
45. The Three Brothers
46. The Four Skilful Brothers
47. The Young Giant
48. Thickasathumb
49. Bearskin
50. The Devil and His Grandmother
51. The King of the Golden Mountain
52. The Prince Afraid of Nothing
53. The Crystal Ball
54. Auld Rinkie
55. Jorinda and Joringle
56. The Nixie in the Pond
57. Fetcher’s Fowl
58. The Robber Bridegroom
59. The Bremen Town Band
60. Clever Elsie
61. Lazy Harry
62. The Three Army-surgeons
63. The Clever Little Tailor
64. Bumpkin
65. Owld Peadair

Glossary of Scots Words

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