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Angel Customers & Demon Customers

Best Seller
Angel Customers & Demon Customers by Larry Selden and Geoff Colvin
Jun 02, 2003 | ISBN 9781440626715

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  • Jun 02, 2003 | ISBN 9781440626715

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Table Of Contents

Angel Customers & Demon CustomersAcknowledgments

Chapter 1

The Trillion-Dollar Opportunity You’re Missing
What It Means—and What It’s Worth—to Be Truly Customer Centered

Chapter 2
Will This Customer Sink Your Stock?
Understanding How Your Average Customer Creates or Destroys Shareowner Value

Chapter 3
The Astonishing Truth About Customer Profitability
The Surprising Things You Discover When You Learn How to “Deaverage” It

Chapter 4
Managing Customer Profitability the Right Way
What Your Real Goal Is and a Practical Scorecard to Track Progress

Chapter 5
Organizing Around Customers
Why Do It and Why More Companies Don’t Do It

Chapter 6
The Right Way to Segment Customers
Reconceiving Your Company as a Customer Portfolio

Chapter 7
Knowing and Winning Customers
The Beginning of Value Proposition Management

Chapter 8
Driving It to the Ledger
Making Value Proposition Management Pay

Chapter 9
Becoming Truly Customer Centered
The Nuts and Bolts of Making It Happen in Your Organization

Chapter 10
A Better Way to Do M&A
How to Stop Takeovers from Making Shareowners Poorer

Chapter 11
Your Action Plan
What to Do on Monday Morning



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