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Navigator by Stephen Baxter


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Navigator by Stephen Baxter
Jan 02, 2008 | ISBN 9781440633768
  • Ebook $7.99

    Jan 02, 2008 | ISBN 9781440633768

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“The Time’s Tapestry series has been consistently interesting, full of high adventure, and as with any alternate history, full of playful mind candy.”—SciFiDimensions
“Arguably the godfather of the contemporary hard SF scene…With each new book in this series, Baxter has become better and better at engaging with historical ideas and theories…Navigator is a mature work from a writer completely at ease with not only historical fact but historical analysis too.”—Strange Horizons
“Engrossing…Baxter understands how a craving for beauty and knowledge can become ghastly fanaticism, and he’s also very good at showing his characters thinking within the limitations of their time.”—Publishers Weekly
“Baxter’s profound historical understanding, his ambitious demand of historical fiction that it acclimate to the resounding rigor of hard SF, makes for a cogency of argument, and eloquence of cause and effect, as well as style, that is extremely impressive.”—Locus
“The storytelling is excellent; the historical background, exceptionally developed. As before, Baxter shows people in ordinary occupations getting involved and sometimes dragged into dealing with the prophecy. This and the rest of the Time’s Tapestry series aren’t mere page-turners; they’re downright thought-provoking.”—Booklist

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