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Come Rain or Come Shine Reader’s Guide

By Jan Karon

Come Rain or Come Shine by Jan Karon


1. Chances are, you were surprised to learn Lace and Dooley’s news that made Father Tim sad.  What news did you have to tell your parents that made them sad? How did you handle it?

2. What happened on the day before the wedding was an act of redemption for Lace, Dooley, and Jack Tyler.  Can you name at least one other redemptive act in Come Rain or Come Shine?  Would you be willing to search the book for the many acts of redemption contained in its pages?

3. What is your worst and/or funniest experience with a potluck?

4. Prayer is important in the Mitford books. Is there a prayer or saying that brings comfort to you or your family?

5. Which of the characters in this book would you enjoy being?  Why?  Author Jan Karon says she has a special fondness for Harley, who combines innocence, stubbornness, humor, generosity, and loyalty.  Did you guess who gave the wedding gift that was given anonymously?  Jan said she didn’t know who gave it until very late in the book. “My work is always filled with surprises for the author,” she says.

6. What do you like most about Father Tim and Cynthia’s relationship? Lace and Dooley’s relationship? 

7. In the book, there are many special occasions in addition to the Big Knot. The breakfast on wedding day morning, with everyone gathered close.  The hanging of the vet clinic sign. Dooley giving Lace the new pup. Lace giving Dooley her painting. Choo-Choo coming to the farm. Jack Tyler jumping down from the truck. Henry arriving from his long journey. At which of these special occasions would you like to be a fly on the wall?

8. Have you ever known anyone like Lily?

9. Talk about the best marriage you have ever witnessed.  What made or makes it the best?

10. Do you keep a journal?  Jan used a dominant journaling theme in her novel In The Company of Others, and in Come Rain or Come Shine we get a look at Lace’s journal, which she calls the Dooley book.  How does Lace’s journal enrich the overall story?

11. Name just one characteristic that sets the Mitford books apart.
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