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Minute Zero Reader’s Guide

By Todd Moss

Minute Zero by Todd Moss


Reading Guide Questions for MINUTE ZERO

1. In Minute Zero, author Todd Moss explores the world of diplomacy. What role does the swapping of favors play in this sort of political landscape?

2. The character Dr. Judd Ryker frequently exchanges information among his allies in Minute Zero while Special Agent Isabella Espinosa opts instead to refuse help when it could mean owing a personal debt in return. Who has the better approach?

3. Who in the American government has the most power? What about in Zimbabwe? Are the big players the ones you expected?

4. Many characters in Minute Zero are motivated by revenge.  With Jessica Ryker and Lucky Magombe, does this desire overshadow the goal of finding justice or help drive its achievement?

5. Does Judd Ryker’s academic background prove an advantage or a disadvantage in the political arena?

6. Dr. Ryker has many friends and professional allies. Whom among them do you consider the most trustworthy?

7. With covert operatives, where should the ethical line be drawn?  On which side of the line does Jessica Ryker fall when she chooses to get involved with her husband Judd’s assignments?

8. Which characters in Minute Zero maintain their identities most easily, both personally and professionally? Is it better to allow the two personas to overlap or to keep them separate?

9. Which partnerships in Minute Zero were the most successful? Which were the most flawed?

10. Does Judd Ryker’s theory about “Minute Zero” hold up in the story? What about in contemporary politics? Are there any events currently that support or contradict Ryker’s hypothesis?

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