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The Christmas Spirits on Tradd Street Reader’s Guide

By Karen White

The Christmas Spirits on Tradd Street by Karen White


The Christmas Spirits on Tradd Street
Karen White

Questions for Discussion

1. We have seen Melanie grow up in so many ways throughout the series and in this book. Why do you think she allows her insecurity to get the best of her and her relationship with Jack?

2. Family can be wonderful but can also be tricky to deal with. In the case of Marc and Anthony, how do you think two brothers who were raised in the same home can grow up to be such different people?

3. Speaking of family, how would you describe the dynamic between Rebecca and Melanie? What caused their relationship to dissolve and what causes it to grow closer again? Is blood truly thicker than water?

4. Jack loves Melanie for who she is and accepts her faults. Why do you think Jack couldn’t tell Melanie the truth about what happened to him, his editor, and his book? Do you think he was bound by the sense that he needed to support his family or to show the same level of independence that Melanie exhibits?

5. Melanie has the ability to see and interact with ghosts. Would you want that ability and would you do what Melanie does to help enable the ghosts to rest in peace? Or would you ignore your ability?

6. Marriage plays a prominent role in the book, and we see many different aspects of it—the good and the rough parts. Did you like seeing both Melanie and Jack’s tender moments and their moments of frustration? Could you relate to the ups and downs?

7. Why do you think Melanie feels she has to be the one to solve everyone’s problems? Why is she unable to allow herself to accept help from others, including from her parents and Jack?

8. In the next (and final) book in the series, where do you expect to find the characters—especially Melanie and Jack?
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