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Primitive Mythology by Joseph Campbell

Primitive Mythology

Best Seller
Primitive Mythology by Joseph Campbell
Paperback $23.00
Nov 01, 1991 | ISBN 9780140194432

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  • Nov 01, 1991 | ISBN 9780140194432

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“A monument of learning, wonder, and wisdom, daringly conceived and brilliantly written by a man who is at home in the Eastern and the Western universe of spirit.… In temporal span and spatial scope and in relevance to the needs of its own day, it is unexampled.”
—Henry A. Murray, Harvard University

Table Of Contents

Primitive Mythology Foreword: On the Completion of The Masks of God
Prologue: Toward a Natural History of the Gods and Heroes:
I. The Lineaments of a New Science
II. The Well of the Past
III. The Dialogue of Scholarship and Romance
Part One: The Psychology of MythIntroduction: The Lesson of the Mask
Chapter 1. The Enigma of the Inherited Image
I. The Innate Releasing Mechanism
II. The Supernormal Sign Stimulus
Chapter 2. The Imprints of Experience
I. Suffering and Rapture
II. The Structuring Force of Life on Earth
III. The Imprints of Early Infancy
IV. The Spontaneous Animism of Childhood
V. The System of Sentiments of the Local Group
VI. The Impact of Old Age
Part Two: The Mythology of the Primitive PlantersChapter 3. The Culture Province of the High Civilizations
I. The Proto-Neolithic: c. 7500-5500 B. C.
II. The Basal Neolithic: c. 5500-4500 B. C.
III. The High Neolithic: c. 4500-3500 B. C.
IV. The Hieratic City-State: c. 3500-2500 B. C.
Chapter 4. The Province of the Immolated Kings
I. The Legend of the Destruction of Kash
II. A Night of Shehrzad
III. The King, and the Virgin of the Vestal Fire
Chapter 5. The Ritual Love-Death
I. The Descent and Return of the Maiden
II. The Mythological Event
III. Persephone
IV. The Monster Eel
V. Parallelism or Diffusion?
VI. The Ritual Love-Death in Pre-Columbian America
Part Three: The Mythology of the Primitive HuntersChapter 6. Shamanism
I. The Shaman and the Priest
II. Shamanistic Magic
III. The Shamanistic Vision
IV. The Fire-Bringer
Chapter 7. The Animal Master
I. The Legend of the Buffalo Dance
II. Paleolithic Mythology
III. The Ritual of the Returned Blood
Chapter 8. The Paleolithic Caves
I. The Shamans of the Great Hunt
II. Our Lady of the Mammoths
III. The Master Bear
IV. The Mythologies of the Two Worlds
Part Four: The Archaeology of MythChapter 9. Mythological Thresholds of the Paleolithic
I. The Stage of Plesianthropus ()
II. The Stage of Pithecanthropus ()
III. The Stage of Neanderthal Man (c. 200,000-75,000/25,000 B. C.)
IV. The Stage of Cro-Magnon Man (c. 30,000-10,000 B. C.)
V. The Caspian-Microlithic Style (c. 30,000/10,000-4,000 B. C.)
Chapter 10. Mythological Thresholds of the Neolithic
I. The Great Serpent of the Earliest Planters (c. 7500 B. C.?)
II. The Birth of Civilization in the Near East (c. 7500-2500 B. C.)
III. The Great Diffusion
Conclusion: The Functioning of Myth
I. The Local Images and the Universal Way
II. The Bondages of Love, Power, and Virtue
III. The Release from Bondage
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