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Occidental Mythology by Joseph Campbell

Occidental Mythology

Best Seller
Occidental Mythology by Joseph Campbell
Paperback $23.00
Nov 01, 1991 | ISBN 9780140194418

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  • Nov 01, 1991 | ISBN 9780140194418

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“I consider this, as his other books, of outstanding importance and scholarship, clarity and depth. I believe that anyone truly interested in the sience of man … will find these books a wealth of data, penetratingly analyzed and written in such a way that he has the chance of digesting them in his own manner.”
—Erich Fromm

Table Of Contents

Occidental Mythology Part One: The Age of the GoddessIntroduction: Myth and Ritual: East and West
Chapter 1. The Serpent’s Bride
I. The Mother Goddess Eve
II. The Gorgon’s Blood
III. Ultima Thule
IV. Mother Right
Chapter 2. The Consort of the Bull
I. The Mother of God
II. The Two Queens
III. The Mother of the Minotaur
IV. The Victory of the Sons of Light
Part Two: The Age of HeroesChapter 3. Gods and Heroes of the Levant: 1500-500 B. C.
I. The Book of the Lord
II. The Mythological Age
III. The Age of Abraham
IV. The Age of Moses
Chapter 4. Gods and Heroes of the European West: 1500-500 B. C.
I. The Dialogue of North and South
II. The Marriages of Zeus
III. The Night Sea Journey
IV. The Polis
Part Three: The Age of the Great ClassicsChapter 5. The Persian Period: 539-331 B. C.
I. Ethical Dualism
II. The Cosmic Fall and Renovation
III. The King of Kings
IV. The Remnant
V. The God of Love
Chapter 6. Hellenism: 331 B. C.- 324 A. D.
I. The Marriage of East and West
II. Syncretistic and Ethnic Monotheism
III. Mystery Cult and Apocalypse
IV. The Watchers of the Dead Sea
Chapter 7. Great Rome: c. 500 B. C. – c. 500 A. D.
I. The Celtic Province
II. Etruria
III. The Augustan Age
IV. The Risen Christ
V. The Illusory Christ
VI. The Mission of Paul
VII. The Fall of Rome
Part Four: The Age of the Great BeliefsIntroduction: The Dialogue of Europe and the Levant

Chapter 8. The Cross and the Crescent
I. The Magi
II. Byzantium
III. The Prophet of Islam
IV. The Garment of the Law
V. The Garment of the Mystic Way
VI. The Broken Spell
Chapter 9. Europe Resurgent
I. The Isle of Saints
II. The Weird of the Gods
Conclusion: At the Close of an Age
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