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7 Kinds of Smart by Thomas Armstrong

7 Kinds of Smart

Best Seller
7 Kinds of Smart by Thomas Armstrong
Paperback $16.00
Oct 01, 1999 | ISBN 9780452281370

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  • Oct 01, 1999 | ISBN 9780452281370

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“A book that helps people to discover and unleash their own intellectual strengths.”—Howard Gardner, Ph.D., author of Frames of Mind
“A rich dish of ideas for exploring those other ways of becoming more intelligent… ways that are so often neglected in our culture.”—Betty Edwards, author of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

“Makes a major contribution to our understanding of the wide scope of intelligence.”—Muriel James, co-author of Born to Win and Passion for Life

Table Of Contents

1. Many Kinds of Minds: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences
2. Word Smart: Expressing Your Verbal Intelligence
3. Picture Smart: Thinking with Your Mind’s Eye
4. Music Smart: Making the Most of Your Melodic Mind
5. Body Smart: Using Your Kinesthetic Intelligence
6. Logic Smart: Calculating Your Mathematical and Scientific Abilities
7. People Smart: Connecting with Your Social Sense
8. Self Smart: Developing Your Intrapersonal Intellect
9. Awakening Your Late-Blooming Intelligences
10. Strengthening Your Weakest Link: Multiple Intelligences and Learning Difficulties
11. Working Smarter: Matching Intelligences to Career Goals
12. When Intelligences Collide: Harmonizing Thinking Styles in Relationships
13. Mind-Styles of the Future: Intelligences of the Twenty-first Century
14. New Intelligences: The Naturalist and the Existential
15. Will There Be More Intelligences?
Resources for Developing the Intelligences

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