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Selected Poems

Best Seller
Selected Poems by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Nov 01, 2000 | 400 Pages
  • Paperback $16.00

    Nov 01, 2000 | 400 Pages

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Table Of Contents

Edited with an Introduction by Richard Holmes

List of Poems
The Poet’s Chronology
A Note on the Text
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I. Sonnets
II. Conversation Poems
III. Ballads
IV. Hill Walking Poems
V. Asra Poems
VI. Confessional Poems
VII. Visionary Fragments
VIII. Political, Ideological and Topical Poems
Index of Titles and First Lines

I. Sonnets
1. To the Autumnal Moon2. Life
3. On Receiving an Account that his Only Sister’s Death was Inevitable
4. On Quitting School for College
5. To the River Otter
6. To the Author of The Robbers
7. To the Rev. W.L. Bowles
8. Pantisocracy
9. Pity
10. On Receiving a Letter Informing me of the Birth of a Son
11. Composed on a Journey Homeward
12. To a Friend who Asked, How I Felt
13. On a Ruined House in a Romantic Country
14. To Asra
15. Lady, to Death we’re Doomed…
16. Farewell to Love
17. Fancy in Nubibus
18. To Nature
19. Work Without Hope
20. Duty Surviving Self-Love
21. To the Young Artist
II. Conversation Poems
22. To a Friend (Charles Lamb)
23. The Eolian Harp
24. Reflections on Having Left a Place of Retirement
25. To the Rev. George Coleridge
26. This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison
27. Frost at Midnight
28. Fears in Solitude
29. The Nightingale
30. To William Wordsworth
III. Ballads
31. The Three Graves
32. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
33. Christabel
34. The Ballad of the Dark Ladié
35. Love36. Alice Du Clos
IV. Hill Walking Poems
37. Lines Composed while Climbing the Left Ascent of Brockley Coomb, Somersetshire, May 1795
38. To a Young Friend on his Proposing to Domesticate with the Author
39. Lines Written in the Album at Elbingerode, in the Hartz Forest
40. A Thought Suggested by a View of Saddleback in Cumberland
41. Inscription for a Fountain on a Heath
42. A Stranger Minstrel
43. Hymn before Sun-Rise, in the Vale of Chamouni
44. The Picture, or The Lover’s Resolution
V. Asra Poems
45. The Keepsake
46. The Language of Birds
47. A Day-Dream: My Eyes Make Pictures
48. The Day-Dream: If Thou Wert Here
49. A Letter to Sara Hutchinson
50. Dejection: An Ode
51. Separation
52. Phantom
53. O Sara! Never Rashly Let Me Go
54. Ad Vilmum Axiologum
55. You Mould My Hopes
56. An Angel Visitant
57. Recollections of Love
58. Constancy to an Ideal Object
VI. Confessional Poems
59. An Ode to the Rain
60. The Pains of Sleep
61. To Two Sisters
62. A Tombless Epitaph
63. The Pang More Sharp Than All
64. Hope and Time
65. The Suicide’s Argument
66. The Visionary Hope
67. Human Life
68. Limbo
69. Youth and Age
70. The Garden of Boccaccio
71. Phantom or Fact
72. Love’s Apparition and Evanishment
73. Epitaph
VII. Visionary Fragments
74. Kubla Khan
75. The Wanderings of Cain
76. The Mad Monk
77. The Blossoming of the Solitary Date-Tree
78. A Sunset
79. A Dark Sky
80. The Tropic Tree
81. Psyche
82. The Sea Mew
83. The Yellow Hammer
84. On Donne’s Poetry
85. The Knight’s Tomb
86. Four Metrical Experiments
87. Song from Remorse
88. Song from Zapolya
89. Ars Poetica
90. Aria Spontanea
91. The World That Spidery Witch
92. The Netherlands
VIII. Political, Ideological and Topical Poems
93. An Ode on the Destruction of the Bastille
94. To a Young Ass
95. The Present State of Society (Extract from “Religious Musings”)96. Invisible Powers (Extract from “The Destiny of Nations”)
97. Fire, Famine and Slaughter
98. France: An Ode
99. The Devil’s Thoughts
100. A Character
101. The Delinquent Travellers

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