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Questions and Topics for Discussion

1. Sparky and Luther are very different, but they have a close friendship. What do you think makes them such good friends, and why are they so loyal to each other?

2. Luther is very compassionate: he returns KeeKee’s papers and takes care of the Crew. In a town and in a family in which many of the people are quite selfish, why do you think Luther is this way?

3. What is the significance of the character D.O.G. (Dontay Orlando Gaddy)? Why do you think it’s important to the story that Luther and Sparky pay a visit to him?

4. Are there times in the story when you think the Sarge gives good advice? Do you think she cares about Luther?

5. In chapter eight, the Sarge explains why she decided to milk the system and avoid the “sucker path.” What do you think of the reasons she gives for her behavior?

6. Luther could tell the mayor or the police at the science fair about the Sarge’s criminal activity as a landlord, but instead, he chooses to take what he feels he deserves and leave. Why does he leave town without turning the Sarge in?

7. Chester X becomes something of a father to Luther. Do you trust him? Do you think Luther and Chester X will succeed in Florida?

8. What do you think Luther will be doing in two years? What do you think Sparky will be doing? What will happen to KeeKee and Bo?

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