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The Book of Firsts by Peter D'Epiro
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The Book of Firsts

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The Book of Firsts by Peter D'Epiro
Mar 09, 2010 | ISBN 9780307476661

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  • Mar 09, 2010 | ISBN 9780307388438

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  • Mar 09, 2010 | ISBN 9780307476661

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Table Of Contents

First Century
1.  Who was the first Roman emperor?
2.  What was the first poetic handbook of Greek mythology?
3.  Who was the first Roman emperor to be assassinated?
4.  Who was the first pope?
5.  Who was the first known conqueror of Britain?
6.  Who were the first Christian missionaries?
7.  What was the first canonical Gospel to be written?
8.  When was the first recorded eruption of Mount Vesuvius?
Second Century
 9.  Who was the traditional first inventor of paper?
10. Which emperor first criminalized Christianity in the Roman Empire?
11. Who was the first comparative biographer?
12. What are the first surviving serial biographies of the Caesars?
13. Who built the first great Roman wall in Britain?
14. Who was the first philosopher-king?
15. What was the first great rabbinic compilation?
Third Century
16. Who was the first emperor to grant Roman citizenship to all freeborn men of the empire?
17. Who was the first King of Kings of the Sassanian (New Persian) Empire?
18. Who was the first “barracks emperor” of Rome?
19. Where was the first Gothic raid into the Roman Empire?
20. Who was the first Manichaean?
21. Who was the first great master of Neoplatonism?
22. Who is considered the first Christian monk?
23. Who were the first Roman tetrarchs?
Fourth Century
24. What was the first legal toleration of Christianity in the Roman Empire?
25. Who was the first Gupta emperor of Northern India?
26. Who was the first Santa Claus?
27. What was the first ecumenical Christian council?
28. What was the first major battle in the West in which cavalry was decisive?
29. Who first made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire?
30. What is the first surviving European cookbook?
31. What is the first surviving book-length autobiography?
 Fifth Century
32. What was the first Latin translation of the Old Testament made directly from the Hebrew?
33. Who first sacked the city of Rome?
34. Who was the first Christian missionary to Ireland? 
35. Who led the first Germanic settlers into Britain?
36. Who were the first inhabitants of the Venetian lagoons?
37. Who was the first barbarian king of Italy?
38. Who is considered the first king of France?
39. What was the first great schism between Western and Eastern Christian Churches?
Sixth Century
40. Who first developed the Christian calendar?
41. What was the first event of the Middle Ages?
42. What was the first complete codification of Roman law?
43. Where was chess first developed?
44. What is the first surviving tell-all memoir about royals?
45. Who was the first important historian of the Franks (the early French)?
46. Who was the first Christian missionary sent to Anglo-Saxon England?
Seventh Century
47. What is the first surviving English love poem?
48. Where were the first civil service examinations instituted?
49. Who was the first Muslim?
50. Who was the first caliph?
51. What was the first nation outside Arabia to fall to Islam?
52. Who was the first English poet known by name?
53. Who first used Greek fire?
Eighth Century
54. What is the first surviving epic poem in a European vernacular language?
55. Who initiated the first Iconoclast persecution?
56. What was the first full-length work of English history?
57. What was the first decisive defeat of the Muslims in Western Europe?
58. Who was the first world-class Chinese poet?
59. Which was the first European Renaissance?
60. Where did the first overseas Viking raid occur?
61. Who was the first emperor in the West since the fall of the Roman Empire?
Ninth Century
62. Who was the first Scandinavian ruler to convert to Christianity?
63. Which king first united all of England?
64. What is the first surviving text in a Romance language?
65. Who was the first major Muslim philosopher?
66. Who were the first successful Christian missionaries to the Slavs?
67. What was the first important Russian state?
68. Who built the first regular English navy?
Tenth Century
69. Who was the first pope of the Pornocracy?
70. What was the first federated monastic order?  
71. Where was gunpowder first used in battle?
72. What was the first general legislative assembly in Europe?
73. Who was the first Holy Roman Emperor?
74. Where was the first medical school in medieval Europe? 
75. Who was the first European to sight the Americas?
Eleventh Century
76. Who first developed solmization (do, re, mi, etc.)?
77. Who first developed movable type?
78. Who was the first Norman king of England?
79. Which was the first university?
80. Who were the first Assassins?
81. What was the first chanson de geste?
82. What was the First Crusade? 
 Twelfth Century
83. Who is considered the first troubadour?
84. What was the first Western erotic memoir?
85. What was the first major building in the Gothic style?
86. Who was the first Plantagenet king of England?
87. What was the first treatise on courtly love in Christian Europe?
88. Who established the first Japanese shogunate?
89. What is the first surviving Spanish epic?
 Thirteenth Century
90. What was the first sack of Constantinople?
91. Who was the first ruler of the Mongol Empire?
92. Who were the first friars?
93. What was the first guarantee of rights exacted from an English king?
94. Who launched the first papal Inquisition?
95. Who wrote the first sonnets?
96. Which English Parliament first included town representatives?
Fourteenth Century
 97.  Who was the first modern painter, according to Giorgio Vasari?
 98.  What was the first Italian epic poem?
 99.  What was the first appearance of the Black Death in Western Europe?
100. Who was the first modern man?
101. Who was the first university teacher of Greek in Western Europe?
102. Who completed the first translation of the Bible into English?
103. Who was the first world-class English poet?
Fifteenth Century
104. Who was the first Renaissance architect?
105. Who was the first Renaissance painter?
106. Who was the first Medici ruler of Florence?
107. Who was the first “Universal Man”?
108. Who invented the first mechanical printing press?
109. Who was the first Muslim overlord of Constantinople?
110. Who was the first French poète maudit?
111. What was the first voyage of Christopher Columbus?
Sixteenth Century
112. Who was the first modern political scientist?
113. Who was the first successful Protestant reformer?
114. Who made the first coherent statement of the heliocentric theory?
115. Who was the first ruler crowned as czar of Russia?
116. Who was the first modern essayist?
117. What was the first Shakespearean tragedy?
118. What was the world’s first opera?
Seventeenth Century
119. What was the first English dictionary?
120. What was the first permanent English settlement in the New World?
121. Who built the first astronomical telescope?
122. What was the first great novel of world literature?
123. Who first discovered the circulation of the blood? 
124. What was the first collection of Shakespeare’s plays?
125. What was the first work of modern philosophy? 
126. Who first published a work on calculus?
Eighteenth Century
127. Who was the first British prime minister?
128. What was the first Continental Congress?
129. What was the first battle of the American Revolution?
130. Who was the first president of the United States?
131. What was the first action of the French Revolution?
132. What was the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution?
133. What was the first permanent African settlement for freed slaves?
134. What was the first manifesto of British literary Romanticism?
Nineteenth Century
135. What was the first French Empire?
136. What was the first photograph?
137. Who first published a theory of evolution based on natural selection?
138. What was the first major battle of the American Civil War?
139. What was the first Impressionist painting?
140. Who developed the first practical incandescent lamp?
141. Who developed the first gasoline-powered four-wheeled automobile?
142. What was the first modern theory of dream interpretation?
 Twentieth century
143. What was the first narrative film?
144. Who made the first powered flight?
145. What was the first theory of relativity?
146. What was the first World War?
147. Who first transmitted a live television image of a human face?
148. What was the first antibiotic that was safe and effective in humans?
149. Who was the first human to walk on the moon?
150. What was the first Internet?
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