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Do This for Me Reader’s Guide

By Eliza Kennedy

Do This for Me by Eliza Kennedy


Do This for Me Reading Guide

1. Why do you think Raney’s immediate instinct was to get revenge on her husband? Why did she try to hurt him professionally instead of emotionally?
2. How relatable is Raney’s situation? Which aspects of it are believable and which are not?
3. How do you think Maisie and Kate responded to the sudden upheaval of their parents’ marriage? How do their lives change throughout the book as a result of their parents’ choices?
4. How would you characterize Raney and Sarah’s friendship? How are they alike and unalike?
5. Do you sympathize at all with Aaron? Is he completely responsible for what happened, or does Raney share any of the blame?
6. What does it say about Raney that she both practices and violates the law?
7. What do you think Amanda’s first impressions of Raney were? How did they evolve?
8. How maternal is Raney? How does the way she treats her daughters compare to her behavior and interactions with others in her life?
9. Should Raney’s friends and coworkers have tried harder to rein in her behavior as she grappled with Aaron’s infidelity?
10. Why do you think Aaron lied about the how long his affair went on? Was Raney more upset about the affair itself, or its duration?
11. Throughout the book, many aspects of Raney’s life change: her appearance, living situation, mental/emotional health, and sexual partners. What was the most significant aspect of Raney’s transformation?
12. Raney violates her company’s policies as well as the law several times throughout the story, sleeping with coworkers, using her firm’s employees for personal research, and even getting arrested. Do you think Raney was held sufficiently accountable for her misconduct?
13. Toward the end of the book, Raney becomes more conscious of sexism in her work environment. How do you think her actions would have been received if she were a male employee?
14. Is it fair for Aaron to be mad at Raney for sleeping with other men while they were separated?
15. Raney ultimately tells Aaron she was glad he lied about his affair because it allowed her to find herself. Do you agree? What do you think would have happened if she’d never found out?
16. How does Raney’s relationship with Singer compare to her relationship with Aaron? Do you think she made the right decision in choosing between them?
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