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Dreams of Falling Reader’s Guide

By Karen White

Dreams of Falling by Karen White


Questions for Discussion

            1. Friendship is everlasting—or at least that’s how the old saying goes. Why do you think CeeCee and Bitty continued to stay friends even after everything that happened?

            2. To err is human; to forgive, divine. Forgiveness plays a prominent role in the book—everyone needs to learn to forgive one another, but also themselves. Would you be able to forgive as the characters did?

            3. The past can define one’s future—or one can build her own future. How does Larkin decide not to let the past define her and to live life the way she wants to live it?

            4. Love can blind us—and even cause us to keep secrets from those we love. Would you keep a secret, as CeeCee did from Larkin, all in the name of love?

            5. Honor and duty tears many of the characters’ relationships apart—including that between Boyd and CeeCee. Do you agree with Boyd’s decision? Or regret it, as he did in the end?

            6. True love is one of the subjects of the book—but true love exists not only in a romantic sense but also in a motherly sense. How did you feel when you realized that through Ivy’s murals, Larkin learned she was really her mother’s true love?

            7. Bennett patiently waited for Larkin—would you be able to do the same?
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