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Lady Be Good Reader’s Guide

By Amber Brock

Lady Be Good by Amber Brock


1. Kitty claims she desires the “warm, cocooning protection of good breeding” (4). What does she mean by this, and what kind of protection is she seeking? What is she seeking protection from?
2. What do you think prompted Kitty’s father to urge her to get married or start working? Do you think his offer was unfair?
3. On page 87, Kitty notes that she prefers romance to love. How do you think Kitty defines those terms? How do they differ?
4. Why do you think Max is so interested in Kitty? What about her sends a message that there’s more than meets the eye?
5. Max says he likes Kitty best when she’s not trying to be anyone else. Who else is she trying to be? Is that person fundamentally different from her true self?
6. Why does Hen care so much about what her mother thinks? Why do you think she can’t be honest with her mother about how she really feels about Charles?
7. Does Kitty identify more with the level of privilege people like Hen have, or that of people like Max and Sebastian?
8. On page 129, Max says he can’t tell if Kitty is the “right” type of smart. What do you think he means by this? What type of smart do you think she is?
9. Is it wrong for Kitty to care about social status? Would she miss any opportunities by being with someone like Max as opposed to someone like Charles?
10. Kitty remembers her mother dying because a class-conscious doctor refused to see her. Her father later clarifies that this wasn’t the case. Why do you think Kitty perceived it that way, and how has that shaped her views?
11. Do you think Hen was right to have forgiven Kitty? Can she trust Kitty after her scheming?
12. Why do you think Kitty becomes so protective of Max and Sebastian?
13. How well do you think Max fits into Kitty’s world? How would being a part of it affect his life and Kitty’s? Do you think their relationship will continue?

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