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But I Don't Eat Ants by Dan Marvin

But I Don’t Eat Ants

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But I Don't Eat Ants by Dan Marvin
Oct 03, 2017 | ISBN 9781576878378
  • Hardcover $16.99

    Oct 03, 2017 | ISBN 9781576878378 | 3-7 years

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An anthropomorphic anteater enjoys many foods but is vehemently opposed to eating ants.
Capital letters are used throughout, beginning with the initial page: “I AM AN ANTEATER AND I LOVE TO EAT.” Bright graphics that have the appearance of digital animation show a friendly-looking, gray critter in a waistcoat, its long, red ribbon of a tongue snaking out over a table full of colorful, human foods: a burger on a bun; a pink, triple-layer cake; a bowl of fruit; some sort of pie. On the next double-page spread, readers learn that, like people, this anteater eats three meals a day—and does not eat ants. After a double-page spread full of foodstuffs, there is a droll illustration of anteaters sitting at a place-matted table, with all but one sucking ants out of individual jars labeled, “ANTS.” The protagonist is munching—or tonguing—hot dogs and fries. There follow pages of clever, anti–ant-eating wordplay, with matching, funny artwork. For example: “TORTELLINI? TOTALLINI!” shouts the anteater as it whizzes by on a skateboard, one paw on board, the other with a tortellini noodle on a fork. Other cheerful-looking creatures add to the fun. A wry commentary on other animals’ diets yields the observation that “JAGUARS EAT ANTEATERS, BUT THEY AREN’T CALLED ANTEATER-EATERS.” An apron-clad mother anteater plays an important part in a punch line that will garner knowing nods and grins.
Funny, light, and whimsical. (Picture book. 3-6)

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