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Little Big Love Reader’s Guide

By Katy Regan

Little Big Love by Katy Regan


Little Big Love

Katy Regan


Questions for Discussion

   1. Was Juliet right to have shielded Zac from the truth about his father? Would you have done the same in her shoes?
   2. How does Zac’s understanding of love change throughout the novel, and how does it differ from Juliet’s?
   3. How does the author explore fatherhood and what it is to be a man?
   4. What do the multiple viewpoints add to the novel? Are there any other characters you would have liked to have seen the perspectives of?
   5. Are any of the characters reliable narrators?
   6. Discuss the difference between how children and adults see the world. How do you think this is represented within Little Big Love?
   7. What can Zac teach us about hope and optimism?
   8. Liam is not actually present in the story until the last few chapters. How does the author help us get to know him and understand his relationship with Juliet before then?
   9. Mick says in one of his sections in the book that there are only two emotions in life, two reasons we do anything: fear and love. Discuss this in the context of Little Big Love.
   10. The nature of truth and facts is a big theme in the book. Mick tells Zac, “Truth can be different for different people.” What do you think about this? And what else do the characters learn about truth throughout the story?
   11. What do you imagine will be the future for these characters? Do you think that Zac and Juliet in particular will ever be able to fully forgive Mick? Could you?
   12. Discuss the roles of Teagan and Jason in the novel. What do these characters bring to the story?
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