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Relationship by Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst


Best Seller
Relationship by Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst
Hardcover $34.95
Jun 23, 2016 | ISBN 9783791382487

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  • Jun 23, 2016 | ISBN 9783791382487

    Also available from:

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“In the foreword to Relationship, [Stuart] Comer writes, ‘The photographs are exquisite, surprising, and efficient in dissolving so many of the structures of fear that still allow gender to be policed so stringently.’ The images are printed alongside the ephemera of their relationship: ticket stubs to a Le Tigre concert they both attended before they met, notes that read, ‘Welcome home’ and, ‘I love you soooo much.’ In this context, the pictures break down those barriers, but they also insert an uncommon gender experience into the most personal of human interactions—making Relationship a startlingly intimate and important document.”

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“The photographs that make up Relationship were never meant for a mass audience; Drucker and Ernst didn’t even share them with friends. They feel like small, private gifts for each other . . . These photos capture them as they figure out how to present their evolving selves . . . As a series, these photos trace a period in Drucker’s and Ernst’s lives when they were both undergoing profound personal changes. Yet they found something still and stable in each other . . . Unlike Drucker and Ernst’s other collaborations, which tend to be more layered and complex, Relationship speaks to audiences because it is so direct. It is about love between two humans who happen to be trans.”

&#151;New York Times Magazine
Relationship, the photobook by Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst, is both a beautiful documentation of two lovers and an important intervention into the heterosexist, homophobic landscape of art history . . . The photographer is changing, even as the photograph is being taken, and so are the subjects, like two vines that slowly grow into each other and become unified. We come to understand the potential of the photograph to reveal bodies in flux but also modes of seeing in flux. This is more important, I think, than trying to find art historical precedents for Relationship, because what the book actually asks is that we rely not on outmoded visual cues and social narratives, but rather, like Drucker and Ernst, invent new ones.”

“The subject of Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst’s new book Relationship is a love story, told by two people in the process of changing their genders, Drucker from male to female and Ernst from female to male . . . In some images, the physical transformation of their bodies’ is the focus—matching band-aides cover the couples’ matching hormone injection sites, and pictures document the second puberty the hormones cause. But more often, the images explore the ways that gender is intimately performed through gesture, gaze and posture, through wardrobe and accessories, and through action.”

“The color, snapshotlike photographs are far more emotionally than sexually explicit, exploring the complex, multiple meanings of both identity and relationship. Although the work might be termed documentary, these artists seem less interested in presenting their lives for the benefit of outsiders than in simply living them, in the process reaching out to others in the trans community. ­VERDICT: For readers interested in contemporary art and for members of, and those interested in, the trans community.”

&#151;Library Journal

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