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All Rise

Best Seller
All Rise by Robert W. Fuller
Hardcover $22.95
Jun 11, 2006 | ISBN 9781576753859

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  • Jun 11, 2006 | ISBN 9781576753859

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“With insight, compassion, and a fundamental understanding of how rankism in all areas of our culture impacts individuals and communities, the reader is called to look at human degradation and discrimination in new ways. But unlike so many books that only articulate a problem, All Rise gives us a way to change our personal relationships, professional practices, and our involvement in our political and economic systems.”
—Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bees and Wannabes (the inspiration for the film Mean Girls) and Queen Bee Moms and Kingpin Dads

“Fuller has it right: many are just plain tired of the somebodies stealing their dignity…. [He] provides us a roadmap to a better society, one that’s characterized by equal dignity for all.”
—Robert Spanogle, National Adjutant, The American Legion

"If only all the problems in the world were just about money, or land, or religion, or racism.  But in fact, they're about power.  All of these things are just excuses for the ugly tendency of those in power to abuse those without it.  Worse, power often seduces the powerless as much as it corrupts the powerful.   Fuller exposes these ugly dynamics—and in exposing them, helps to make them easier to overturn."
—Esther Dyson, Internet guru, Editor, Release 1.0

All Rise gives us the essential tools to fight abuses of rank and to build high-performing institutions and organizations based on respect. It is the operating manual for leaders who recognize the latent power of each individual to make a difference in a free and fair society.”
—Wes Boyd, Co-founder,

"This important and useful book, which is not a critique of the concept of rank, but of its abuse, should be read by leaders of ALL failing institutions, particularly those in the public school system.  It is a sad commentary on our society that this statement in favor of human dignity should be so necessary at this time."
—A. Lawrence Chickering, Research Fellow, Hoover Institution

“Robert Fuller looks at life through a provocative and unusual lens. Even if you begin by thinking your own worldview is different, you will nonetheless find here an array of observations that leave you intrigued, surprised, and unexpectedly nodding your head in agreement.”
—Adam Hochschild, Founder, Mother Jones, and author of Bury the Chains: Prophets and Rebels in the Fight to Free an Empire’s Slaves

“No value is more needed in today’s world than respect for the dignity of others. In this brilliant treatise, Fuller cogently argues the case for redesigning our social institutions to create a ‘dignitarian society.’ His wise recommendations deserve to be widely read—and implemented.”
—William Ury, coauthor of Getting to Yes and author The Third Side

Table Of Contents

Introduction: What Is Rankism?
A Once and Future Nobody
The Abuse of Rank
Recognizing Rankism
Power Matters
The Dignitarian Perspective
Organization of this Book
Chapter 1: What’s at Stake
Seeing Rankism Everywhere
Lethal Consequences
A Way Out?
Chapter 2: Dignity and Recognition
Dignity: A Universal Human Right
Indignity and Malrecognition
What Would a Dignity Movement Look Like?
Stages of the Movement
A Dignitarian Business Model
Chapter 3: Models of Dignity
We Are Model Builders
Models Are Everywhere
Models Evolve
Models Are Commonplace
Modeling Our Uses of Power
An Example from Higher Education: A Template for Remodeling Institutions
Chapter 4: Dignity in the Workplace
Ten Ways to Combat Rankism in the Workplace
When the Boss Is a Bully
Academia and Civil Service
An Example from the World of Dance
Chapter 5: Dignity in Education
Kids Are People, Too
Learning with Dignity
Antibullying Projects
One-Upmanship and Elitism in Academia
Educating a Population of Model Builders
Demystifying Enlightenment–Jefferson Redux
Chapter 6: Rankism Can Be Harmful to Your Health
The Evolving Doctor-Patient Relationship
Rankism among Health Professionals
The Health Benefits of Recognition
Dignity: A Centerpiece of Health Care
Chapter 7: The Social Contract in a Dignitarian Society
Institutional Rankism and a Permanent Underclass
The Myth of Meritocracy
Models of “Democratic Capitalism”
Chapter 8: The Politics of Dignity
Is Rankism Human Nature?
The DNA of Democracy: Watchdog Processes
Navigating the Ship of State
A Dignitarian Model of Politics
Chapter 9: A Culture of Dignity
Fundamentalism and the Dignitarian Perspective
Ideology and the Dignitarian Perspective
Identity in a Dignitarian Culture: A Self Model for the Twenty-First Century
The Self: A Home for Identities
Survival Tips for Dignitarians
A Foreseeable Challenge
Chapter 10: Globalizing Dignity
The “Evolutionary Blues”
A World War in My Sandbox
A Dignitarian Alternative to War
What About Bad Guys?
Malrecognition and Counterterrorism
Handling “Domestic Violence” in the Global Village
Chapter 11: Religion in a Dignitarian World
Religion: Dignifier of Humankind
Religion and Science
Religion and Values
Religion and the Self
The Eye of God
Chapter 12: The Stealth Revolution
A Cautionary Note
The Long-Range View
Democracy’s Next Step
Afterword: All Rise for Dignity
Getting Started
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