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The Embroidered Art of Chloe Giordano by Chloe Giordano

The Embroidered Art of Chloe Giordano

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The Embroidered Art of Chloe Giordano by Chloe Giordano
Oct 01, 2019 | ISBN 9781782215837
  • Hardcover $35.00

    Oct 01, 2019 | ISBN 9781782215837

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Prepare to be Charmed, Enchanted, Delighted, Amazed – Mary Corbet
This is not your typical embroidery book. But oh! How I love it! It is everything I hoped it would be, all bundled up between two hard covers.
The Embroidered Art of Chloe Giordano is the type of book I’d like to browse through with you, page by page, sitting with our heads together over the book. Together, we would say things like, “Oh wow!” and “Look at that!” and “Awwww” and “Wait, let me read that!” The embroidery of Chloe Giordano is somewhat “organic” in its development. From reading her story, we can see that it came to be, naturally, growing out of what surrounded it: namely, her training and skill as an illustrator coupled with the inspiration of nature. In a NutshellIf you’re keen on realistic needlepainting of animals, the book is must-have in that regard. But for those who love embroidery, who love art and illustration, or who just enjoy a good burst of inspiration now and then – whether or not you want to stitch in this particular style – the book is a delight and worth having on hand!

Without sounding too precious or in fact precocious, as the reviewer I feel overall that this is a publication to lift one’s heart.  – Mr. X Stitch review (Ailish Henderson)

‘Embroidered Art’ as a title really is self explanatory, that’s the book, it is fine art in a fabric, tactile form:  A treasury of Fine Art to Stitch – in its most visual form. Those with a keen interest in embroidery or those who come from a Fine Art background and wish to peruse a different way of working.  This is one for all ages, yet may seem complex stitching wise to beginners. She is now classed as one of the great embroiderers of this time.
Speaking bluntly, if you are a cold hearted person, or one who simply does not appreciate beauty and nature, then you are pretty doomed and will find this treasury boring.  However, for the rest of us, without sounding too worthy or twee, it is joyful and uplifting.
Go, just treat yourself to The Embroidered Art of Chloe Giordano right now.
– Nov 2019

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