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Master Class Reader’s Guide

By Christina Dalcher

Master Class by Christina Dalcher


Readers Guide
Master Class by Christina Dalcher
Questions for Discussion

1. The author discusses the use of numbers to judge ourselves and others. Can you think of any other numerical standards that we use today for evaluation? Do you think they are effective or do more harm?

2. The schools and buses are all labeled as colors. Why do you think the author chose to use colors? Do you think they symbolize anything or have any meaning?

3. Children in a household can grow up to be very different people, as evidenced by the household in Master Class. Yet the expression “blood is thicker than water” is prevalent and true in many cases. Did you feel that way when you read about each child in this household and how they evolved throughout the book?

4. There are obvious stereotypes in the book, from the geeks in school being ostracized to the jocks being the most popular kids in school. Can you relate to the stereotypes? Could you imagine a world where Qs would be useful?

5. The love between a child and a mother is an unbreakable bond. Could you have done what Elena did and sacrifice everything to be with your child?

6. Government intervention is a major theme in the book. Do you agree the government should play a role in education? To what extent?
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