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Local Gone Missing Reader’s Guide

By Fiona Barton

Local Gone Missing by Fiona Barton


Reader’s Guide
Local Gone Missing by Fiona Barton
Discussion Questions:

1. Elise is full of self-doubt when she is thrown back into her work as a detective after medical leave. Do you relate to her and her feelings about herself and her job?

2. Why is it important to have Dee as a pair of eyes on the people of Ebbing? What does her perspective bring to the story?

3. What is the impact of having different narrators in the story?

4. How did your feelings about Charlie change as you read the book? Do you think he was a victim in any way?

5. There is a lot of tension between the locals and the weekenders in Ebbing. Whose side were you on? Why?

6. Why do you think the author set this story in a small town?

7. Dee thinks, “It’s never over, is it? The past is al­ways there, flickering like our old telly in a dark corner of my head.” Discuss the way the novel explores how someone’s actions can have long-lasting and far-reaching consequences.

8. Besides Elise, others in Ebbing are trying to start fresh or move on; do you think it’s possible for any of them to do so? Why or why not?

9. How did the ending make you feel? Do you think that justice was served?
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