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Torah as a Guide to Enlightenment by Gabriel Cousens

Torah as a Guide to Enlightenment

Best Seller
Torah as a Guide to Enlightenment by Gabriel Cousens
Paperback $29.95
Oct 02, 2018 | ISBN 9781623173531

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  • Oct 02, 2018 | ISBN 9781623173531

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“A master of medicine, a healer of souls, an awakener of hearts, Rabbi Gabriel Cousens has freed up Torah to free up souls, flinging wide open her rusty gates to enable her wisdom to gush forth unabatedly and in fullness of intent and application. … He skillfully weaves the wisdom of the sages through the ages into a cohesive and fruitful brew of lessons that speak directly to the deepest depths of our spirits. … [His] treatise of the Torah raises the decibels of her voice so that all souls, regardless of their external identities, can hear her message and experience her magic.”
—From the foreword by Rabbi Gershon Winkler
“Jews and Torah have a symbiotic relationship: the life of one depends on the life of the other. For far too long Torah has been on life support because the Jews have been on life support. Rabbi Gabriel Cousens is about to revive the latter by resuscitating the former. His Torah as a Guide to Enlightenment reveals a level of Torah wisdom that few contemporary Jews know exits, and when they do, there is hope that they will achieve the very enlightenment Rabbi Cousens and Torah promise them.”
—Rabbi Rami Shapiro, author of Tanya, the Masterpiece of Hasidic Wisdom
“In my book Times for Redemption I point out how important it is for us to prepare the vessels to hold the spiritual energy needed for redemption. Torah as a Guide to Enlightenment is an inspired offering to help us prepare our vessels.”
—Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, author of Letters of Fire, Above the Zodiac, From Hinduism Back to Judaism, and Times for Redemption

“Rebbe Gabriel Cousens’s deep and profound book is reopening a door to Judaism and Torah that has been closed in my heart for a long time. Through Torah as a Guide to Enlightenment I can now begin to understand the spiritual teachings of the Torah, how inspiring and beneficial they are for me as well as for the many Jewish members within our Sufi spiritual community. I appreciate the rebirth into the Jewish tradition within my heart and experience.”
—Jason D. Groode, senior director of Sufis Hawaii

Torah as a Guide to Enlightenment is a fascinating gateway into some of the most profound mysteries of creation. Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, attempts to unlock the gate to give us a taste of some of the sparks of the inner Torah through modern science and Kabbalah. Thirty years ago I saw a similar work on Bereisheet called Beginning and Upheaval written by Rabbi Meir Leibush Malbim and translated by physicist Dr. Zvi Faier, a close disciple of Rabbi Dr. Chiam Zimmerman, one the great rabbis of the last generation. After seeing that work I am not at all surprised by what Rabbi Cousens is doing here. This book should be used as an eye and mind opener and we should all value what King David asked: Open my eyes so I can see the wonders of your Torah. For us there is no greater wonder than to see the integration of wisdom and Torah rolled into one.”
—Rabbi Moshe Schatz, author of Maayan Moshe, Tikun Lail Shavoout of the Rabbi Shalom Sharabi, Keter Malchut on Seferot H a’omer, and Sparks of the Hidden Light

“For years, as a Jewish woman separated from my roots, I have been seeking the doorway to Enlightenment through Judaism. And here it is. Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, has brought the life and soul back to one of the greatest spiritual paths in the world in a way that has dramatically and profoundly touched the essence of my soul. Torah as a Guide to Enlightenment is a God-inspired door opener into the great ancient teachings, a guide to help prepare people to receive the messianic energies of liberation that have been prophesized.”
—Trudy Green, current manager of Aerosmith and previous manager of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Heart, and Perry Farrell

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