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From This Moment Reader’s Guide

By Kim Vogel Sawyer

From This Moment by Kim Vogel Sawyer


Reader’s Guide

1. Jase receives a piece of advice from Merlin Kraft shortly after his arrival in Bradleyville: “God raises us up for His purposes so we have the opportunity to experience and share His power in a human life. . . . You might feel like your plans have been lost, but His plans are never forsaken. He will use you for His glory, and it’ll be for your good, too.” Have your plans ever crumbled? How did you adapt to the change in direction? Did you uncover new strength, wisdom, or ministry in the change? 

2. How did Jase’s tumultuous childhood prepare him to minister to the youth at Beech Street Bible Fellowship? 

3. What role did Brother Tony play in Jase’s life? Do you have a mentor who has inspired and guided you? Have you taken the time to thank this person for his or her influence? Have you ever mentored someone else? How has this blessed and challenged your life? 

4. Kenzie left her Amish farm for the city and changed her name, but she held on to some elements of her simplistic upbringing. 
Why do you think she didn’t cast off everything from her former life? Do you think she will stay in Indiana or come back to Kansas? Why? 

5. Lori lost her mother when she was young, which left a hole in her life that she tried to fill with food. Why was this unhelpful? When you’re feeling empty, how do you fill yourself? What role does God want to play in being our filler? 

6. Because of her physical appearance, Lori felt unworthy. Society places great value on physical appearance. How does this align with Scripture? How can we help our daughters or the young women in our lives view themselves as valuable? 

7. Jase used Jeremiah 29:11–13 as the basis for his first sermon at Beech Street. Are these verses familiar to you? Do you believe God is found when we seek Him even from a place of bitter anger? In what ways did God reveal to Jase hope and a future? How has He revealed hope and a future to you? 

8. Merlin contemplated the question, If God already has life pathways mapped, does prayer change the circumstance? How would you answer the question? What scriptures support your viewpoint? 

9. Pretend a year has passed since Kenzie left for Indiana and Jase delivered his first sermon. Where do you see Kenzie, Jase, Lori, Merlin, and Cullen now? 
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