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Great Circle Reader’s Guide

By Maggie Shipstead

Great Circle by Maggie Shipstead


The questions, discussion topics, and reading list that follow are intended to enhance your reading group’s conversation about Great Circle, the unforgettable new novel from Maggie Shipstead.

Questions and Topics for Discussion

1.     Why do you think Marian wants to fly around the world? Have you ever wanted to take a major risk without quite knowing why?
2.     What do you think Hadley wants from playing the role of Marian? Do you think her expectations are met?
3.     How is Marian’s life shaped by her experiences of love? Do you think she really wants to love someone? What about Hadley?
4.     What do you think is Marian’s idea of freedom? What is yours?
5.     How does Marian’s relationship with her brother, Jamie, evolve over time? How would you react if you had a sibling like Marian?
6.     Do you think Peregrine is going to be a good movie?
7.     How do you think Marian was shaped by her unusual childhood? Do you think she was bruised or strengthened by the fact that she never knew her parents?
8.     Hadley says that no story can ever be whole. What do you think she means?
9.     Which friend or relative would you pass this book on to and why?

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