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The Warlow Experiment Reader’s Guide

By Alix Nathan

The Warlow Experiment by Alix Nathan


Questions and Topics for Discussion

1. How do Powyss’ and Warlow’s ambitions affect the course of the novel?

2. Does Powyss love Hannah? If so, when does his lust turn to love? 

3. Should–or could–Hannah have resisted Powyss? 

4. How does solitude affect how Powyss and Warlow interact with others? 

5. If you were to agree to stay underground today, what would you want to have with you? 

6. It has been said that Catherine is the hero of the book. Do you agree? 

7. Is the ending inevitable? What would have happened if Powyss had killed Warlow? 

8. How are Warlow and Powyss each ignorant? How does what they don’t know or understand influence their narratives? 

9. Several characters read (or refuse) to read Thomas Paine. Are his writings genuinely important for any of them? 

10. What happens to Warlow after the book is finished? 

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