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A Little Bit of Grace Reader’s Guide

By Phoebe Fox

A Little Bit of Grace by Phoebe Fox


Reader’s Guide
A Little of Grace by Phoebe Fox
Discussion Guide

1. Do you believe in “the one” or do you think you can find love with more than one person throughout your life?

2. In what ways did Grace transform during her time in Florida?

3. What do you think would’ve happened if Grace’s mom had sent the other letter to Millie?

4. Everyone struggles to be true to themselves through all stages of life. Can you think of a particular time in your life when you struggled? How did you work through it?

5. Do you think there are things that are truly unforgivable, even when it comes to family and loved ones? If so, what are some examples?

6. How do you deal with anger? Can rage ever be a force for good? How?

7. Do you think Millie’s life would have been different if Grace’s mom had fully accepted her and they’d stayed close? How?

8. Were Grace and Brian “right” for each other, or do you think he married her as a rebound, or a “safe” choice after heartbreak? What does either answer imply about their marriage as well as their divorce?

9. Do you agree with Grace that a friendship you may have had with an ex needs a period of dormancy after a breakup? Can you ever truly recapture the same level of friendship with someone you had a relationship with after the romance is over?

10. Grace’s father would criticize Grace off handedly when she was growing up. Did anyone ever say something thoughtless or critical to you that stayed with you and had a deep effect on your behavior or actions? Were you ever able to recognize and let go of the misbelief that created in you?
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