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Party of Two Reader’s Guide

By Jasmine Guillory

Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory


PARTY OF TWO by Jasmine Guillory
Reader’s Guide Discussion Questions

1. Have you ever had a chance encounter with a stranger that led to a close relationship?

2. Giving back to the community is a large part of this book. Are you active in your community, whether it’s through work or volunteer opportunities?

3. Max and Olivia are polar opposites: Max is impulsiveand idealistic, while Olivia is cautious and thoughtful. When it comes to successful relationships, do you think it’s better when opposites attract or when two people are more similar?

4. Do you have any pet peeves or deal breakers when it comes to relationships?

5. Have you ever been in a relationship where differences (e.g., career, racial background, distance, lifestyle, age) affected how you moved forward?

6. Olivia is shoved into the spotlight because of her relationship with Max. How do you think you’d react to public scrutiny? Do you think you’d be able to endure what Olivia went through?

7. Max puts Olivia in a tough position during the townhall at the community center. Do you think that’s forgivable, given his reasoning? Or would you also have broken things off with him?

8. Party of Two has many strong, independent female characters. Who are some women you look up to in your life?
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