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From the authors of Power On!
In today’s world, technology is impacting every aspect of our lives. We wrote Power On! to fill a gap in current computer science classrooms and out-of-school programs by providing an accessible educational tool for discussing pressing issues of equity and ethics in tech, while motivating all youth to learn about computer science, regardless of their career path. Our hope is that this graphic novel can serve as an engaging way to learn about current research in computer science and computing education.

We also hope this book can spark conversation, introducing a wide range of topics for people to pick up, discuss, and learn more about together. The book will be published with a free educator guide available at our book website, providing discussion questions such as:
· What are ways that technology is creating social good as well as harm in today’s world?
· Can robots be racist?
· Why does underrepresentation of students of color and females matter?
· What can be done to change this underrepresentation?
· What ideas do you have for a technological innovation that could address a social problem you care about?
· How can we help support all students in getting the education they deserve and need? 
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