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The Beach Trap Reader’s Guide

By Ali Brady

The Beach Trap by Ali Brady


Reader’s Guide
The Beach Trap by Ali Brady
Discussion Questions:

1.   What is it about summer camp that forges such close friendships? Are you still in touch with any of your camp or school friends from when you were younger?

2.   Why do you think Kat and Blake’s dad left them both the beach house? Do you think he wanted to bring them back together?

3.   Do you see Kat’s mom as a victim of her husband’s transgressions or as a conspirator? Why?

4.   Why and how do you think Blake’s dad was able to walk away from her for all those years?

5.   How do you think Blake felt about Kat never responding to her letters?

6.   Why do you think Kat held on to her anger and continued to blame Blake for so long?

7.   If you had to choose between the two love interests to take you out on a date, would you choose Noah or Henry? Why?

8.   What do you think of influencer culture and does it impact your life and the decisions you make?

9.   If you were a social media influencer, what type of influencer would you be (e.g., lifestyle, books, food)? What would your brand motto be?

10. How did your opinion of Kat and/or Blake change throughout the book?

11.  What do you think of Kat’s decision to pay for Blake’s grandfather’s care without letting Blake know?

12. Where do you think Kat and Blake are in another twelve years? How is their relationship?
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