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Questions and Topics for Discussion

1. Which character did you like the most? Was it the same character that you related to the most?

2. What do you think motivated Missy Peeple to act the way she did? What do you think she was trying to protect, and why?

3. Was Ainsley Parker justified in her anger toward Wolfe? What about her skepticism…was she right to question the authenticity of his new faith?

4. What are some of the characteristics of Wolfe Boone that make him endearing?

5. What did you find the funniest about this book?

6. What do you think the author’s intentions were for writing its theme inside a comedic novel?

7. What are your views about people who write horror? Why do you think they write it?

8. What is it that you like most about the town of Skary, Indiana? Do you see Skary as another character in this book?

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