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Questions and Topics for Discussion

1. Can you relate to Wolfe and his identity crisis? If so, what brought you to your identity crisis and how did you overcome it?

2. Can you identify with the town of Skary or is it more like a foreign country to you?

3. With which character do you feel like you can most identify? With which character do you least identify?

4. Skary and all its citizens are having identity crises. What do you feel most contributes to the feeling of a lost identity?

5. Do you identify at all with Missy Peeple’s motivations for trying to save her town? Do you ever find yourself manipulating situations and circumstances when you are fearful?

6. What do you believe is the importance of acknowledging our roots and our history, no matter what they are?

7. As with Boo’s story and the actual town of Skary, do you believe more often that problems are created by fear or fear is created by problems?

8. In the story, an owl is continually asking the ever important question, “Who?” What in your life represents the owl? Who or what makes you look inward often to see who it is that dwells within the walls of your flesh?

9. Who do you believe is the weakest character in Boo Who?

10. What are your feelings about the Reverend’s radical steps to try to grow his church, and how does this tie into our modern church culture?

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