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Sunday Brunch Reader’s Guide

By Norma L. Jarrett

Sunday Brunch by Norma L. Jarrett


Sunday Brunch is meant to serve readers with a fun, sassy storyline while also dishing out plenty of spiritual food for thought. Here are some questions designed to provoke discussion and gentle debate about the characters and the impact Norma Jarrett’s debut novel has made on your life. (Be sure to also check out "The Sunday Brunch Experience," a list of fun activities for book clubs, which immediately follows the reading guide.)

Questions and Topics for Discussion

1. What emotions did you experience while reading Sunday Brunch? What parts of the novel connect to your life?

2. In what ways are the characters alike? Different? Why do you think they remain so committed to each other and their Sunday brunch ritual?

3. What are some of the spiritual battles Lexi faces? Why does she think it’s her responsibility to support and pray for all of her friends? Why doesn’t she feel more comfortable sharing her needs with them?

4. If you were Lexi, how would you have dealt with Reggie and Kyle?

5. Why do you think it took so long for Lexi to meet the police officer, Chris Reynolds?

6. Is Jermane being realistic about her needs? What advice would you give Jermane regarding her dilemma with Naegel? Do you see the kiss that they shared as adultery? Why or why not?

7. Why does Jewel struggle with finding her true purpose? How does God work in her life, compared to the other characters?

8. What is it about Kevin that made him give the spoiled Jewel a chance? Why is her ultimate response to him so positive?

9. Why does Capri have such a hard time opening up to Anthony? What do you mark as the true turning point in their relationship?

10. Many career-oriented women struggle with the same issues that Capri does–striving to maintain a healthy balance between work, family, personal goals, and romance. If you were Capri, would you risk your career for a man? Do you agree with her choices?

11. What motivates Angel to give her life to the Lord? What will be some of her obstacles in becoming a devoted Christian?

12. Based on the issues they bring to the table at the beginning of their relationships, what potential challenges do you think each couple will face in their future?

13. What do you think the primary struggles are for young single women and their faith walk? What situation in Sunday Brunch best represents a situation young singles must face?

14. Has Sunday Brunch influenced your prayer life in any way? Has it made you think differently about prayer? If so, how?

15. What was the significance of exploring the different levels of spirituality in each character?

16. What actors could you see playing each character in Sunday Brunch–The Movie? (Make a female and male wish list!)

17. Has Sunday Brunch made an impact on the relationships in your life (platonic, romantic, professional, and familial)? Describe how and discuss.

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