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1968 Reader’s Guide

By Mark Kurlansky

1968 by Mark Kurlansky


Questions and Topics for Discussion

1. How did the explosive worldwide social movements of 1968 make that year unique?

2. What was the international impact of the civil rights movement on the events of 1968?

3. What progress or setbacks have there been in the status of women since that time?

4. How did television influence that year’s events?

5. How does the mass media of today differ from 1968’s?

6. What was the global significance of the Prague Spring?

7. What events of 1968 would not occur today?

8. How is it that such a tragic year arouses nostalgia in so many people?

9. Was the world a better place before 1968, or do you feel there have been changes for the better since that year?

10. What lessons might we learn from the events of 1968?

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