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Read to Sleep
It’s more important than ever to give yourself a screen break.
We know sleep is hard to come by right now. But we also know that looking at screens before bed only keeps you up and stresses you out. Give yourself the gift of reading a book (or listening to an audiobook) for a few minutes before bed—we promise you’ll fall asleep faster and feel better rested in the morning.
If you need more convincing, here are all the ways a #readtosleep routine can help.
Reduce Stress
When an individual is chronically sleep deprived, stress hormones are found at higher levels in the body—meaning you’re constantly in “fight or flight” mode. Investing in regular wind-down time means you’ll have an easier time drifting off. Adding at least six minutes of reading to your bedtime routine has been proven to lower heart rate and muscle tension.
Boost Your Mood
Feeling at the end of your rope? Short on patience with the kids? Inadequate sleep for multiple nights in a row can impact your decision-making abilities and cause major moodiness. The very best thing you can do is read a little to decompress and get a better night’s sleep—you’ll wake up with a much sweeter outlook.
Sharpen Your Brain
Reading has been shown to enhance vocabulary, improve articulation and increase creativity. Combine that with the cognitive skills and decision-making ability sleep provides, and you may find yourself feeling a lot quicker and more productive.
Clear Your Mind
Stressors like paperwork, bills, and to-do lists can distract from sleep. Do your best to create boundaries between your responsibilities and your bedroom—and that includes your phone. Create a peaceful sanctuary (maybe with some dreamy, blush linen bedding??) to help eliminate mental clutter. There’s enough real world for morning. Tonight, pick up a book to transport you.
Make Memories
Of the many, many reasons you should get more sleep, here’s a particularly compelling one: You make memories while you sleep, and if you don’t get enough of it, well, you could be putting all those recollections at risk. So good sleep is vital. Add in a regular reading habit, and it’s a serious one-two punch: readers have a slower rate of decline in memory. All the better to remember those books you read!
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Thank you so much for joining the #readtosleep movement! Help us spread the word so we can all sleep a little bit better.

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