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Animal Land Series

Raiku Makoto
Animal Land 12 by Makoto Raiku
Animal Land 13 by Makoto Raiku
Animal Land 14 by Makoto Raiku

Animal Land Series : Titles in Order

Book 14
A quirky adventure manga set in a fantastic animal world with off-beat humor and unique art. 13 and up.


All life on the planet is in peril as Giller’s dreams of total extinction draw closer to coming true. Only the sum of all animals channeled through the incredible power of Taroza’s voice can stop Giller now. But does Taroza have the strength to withstand so much pain…?

Includes special Animal Land tribute comics by Hiro Mashima, Hajime Isayama, Yoshitoki Oima, Shuzo Oshimi, and many more!
Book 13
One brutal fight after another, Riemu and Capri successfully stave off enemy chimeras with help from old friends and new comrades. But before Taroza can join their ranks, Giller unleashes his greatest weapon yet: Globule, the chimera of death. Globule threatens all life on the planet, and the only one who can stand up against it is Jyu, the lone wolf who still lives by the cutthroat rules of survival of the fittest. As an unfathomable battle unfolds, a legendary figure from the past makes an appearance…
Book 12

Rallying behind Taroza, Capri, and Riemu, the unlikely coalition of animals seeks to end all suffering by breaking the chain of eat-or-be-eaten. But to Giller, the architect of the chimera invasion, to live is to suffer, and the only escape is death. At long last, Giller’s twisted past is revealed—along with his ultimate weapon! Can the animals stop him before all life on earth is extinguished?

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