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A Planeswalker Novel Series

Found in Epic Fantasy
Agents of Artifice by Ari Marmell
The Purifying Fire by Laura Resnick
Test of Metal by Matthew Stover

A Planeswalker Novel Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Downtrodden and powerless, Planeswalker Tezzeret must do everything he can to return to his former glory—even if it means relying on old enemies

From the ashes of defeat, Tezzeret rises again. Beaten to within an inch of his life and left for dead by the psychic sorcerer Jace Beleren, Tezzeret has lost control of the Infinite Consortium—an interplanar cabal he commanded with a power and influence few in the Multiverse have ever achieved.
Now he must turn to a former enemy for help: the dragon Nicol Bolas, perhaps the only Planeswalker in the Multiverse powerful enough to get him back on his feet. Bolas, however, has his reservations. What can Tezzeret give him that he doesn’t already have?
So begins Tezzeret’s search for the secret of etherium—a magical alloy infused with all the power of the Blind Eternities—thought to have been lost with the disappearance of the great sphinx, Crucius the Mad. Tezzeret’s quest is clear, but his thirst for revenge clouds his decisions. Will he achieve his goal, or will he be bested by his own ambition?
Book 2
Magic: The Gathering takes a bold new direction in this Planeswalker novel about the adventures of Chandra Nalaar—an impulsive mage on a collision course with destiny
Fresh off an encounter in which she was able to show off her talents, Chandra Nalaar has earned a place in a loose association of fire mages. But she still has a lot to prove—especially to the hieromancers imposing their draconian law across the land. The Order’s ever-increasing influence is an affront to all Chandra holds sacred: freedom, individuality, the right of self-determination, and most of all, the right to blow things up.
A great mage once said that destruction is best left to a professional, and Chandra is proving to be world-class in the art of boom. Unfortunately, that notoriety is about to earn her a whole lot of trouble . . . Her exploration of the Multiverse and the extent of her volatile powers have some thinking she is the herald of the apocalypse. Will she control her own destiny—or suffer the will of others?
Book 1
A new age dawns in the Multiverse—and the balance of power shifts—in this Magic: The Gathering novel that brings readers to the heart of a Planeswalker struggle

Jace Beleren is a planeswalker who has taken the path of least resistance. He is gifted and powerful, but chooses not to push himself. Part of an inter-planar consortium that deals in magical artifacts, Jace has some power and influence. He also has a certain amount of security. That’s all about to change when Liliana—a dark temptress with demons of her own—comes into his life, bringing with her more possibilities and more problems.

Under attack from external interests, a friend dies because of decisions Jace made. Upset with himself and fearing for his life, Jace sets out to find who is behind this new threat. What he uncovers along the way, an inter-planar chase filled with peril, will alter everything he knows.

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