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Dragon Nimbus History Series

Irene Radford
The Dragon's Touchstone by Irene Radford
The Renegade Dragon by Irene Radford
The Wizard's Treasure by Irene Radford

Dragon Nimbus History Series : Titles in Order

Book 4
Journeymen magicians Marcus and Robb have been sent on a quest by Senior Magician Jaylor to find the missing dragons of Coronnan and bring them back to the kingdom. But their quest leads to a far different discovery, an ancient treasure trove, a spell-protected to trap the unwary. And even as the two are caught by the treasure’s spell, unable to aid Coronnan or themselves, other events are unfolding which may forever alter the course of Coronnan history.
Book 3
The great magical wars have come to an end. But in bringing peace, Nimbulan, the last Battlemage, has lost his powers. Dragon magic is the only magic legal to practice. And the kingdom’s only hope against dangerous technology lies in the one place to which no dragon will fly….
Book 2
Nimbulan, the last Battlemage and the founder of the school for Communal Magic, is seeking to create a permanent protection for the kingdom of Coronnan, a spell-crafted border to keep enemies out. His search for the key to this magic leads him to a terrifying discovery—the dragons, the guardians of magic, are in terrible danger…
Book 1
Three hundred years before the time of The Glass Dragon, Coronnan is a kingdom at war with itself, magic is wild, and magicians uncontrolled, each working separately for his own goal.  At the height of  this age of chaos, the dragons decide to intervene, making their presence known to mortals through the healer Myrilandel.

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