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The Avatar Series

Found in Epic Fantasy
Shadowdale by Scott Ciencin
Crucible: Trial of Cyric the Mad by Troy Denning
Prince of Lies by James Lowder

The Avatar Series : Titles in Order

Book 5
In the final Avatar Series adventure, an ordinary mortal is chosen as the champion of Cyric the Mad and joins the battle of the gods
When Malik, an ordinary mortal, is mysteriously chosen as the champion of Cyric—the Lord of Murder and the Prince of Lies—and imbued with divine powers, he has no idea of the epic struggle that awaits him.
Malik is drawn deeper and deeper into the immortal conflict between Cyric and Mystra, the mother of all magic and a former ally. As Cyric’s champion, Malik gets a front row seat in the age-old battle of the gods, meeting such heroes as Adon and Kelemvors—and bearing witness to the final struggle between good and evil.
Book 4
The gods may have been restored to their rightful seats of power—but the end of the Time of Troubles does not mark the end of all strife
Although the gods have regained their powers and no longer walk in the mortal world, there is still little peace between them. When their deeply engrained power struggles erupt once more, ex-comrades Mystra—formerly known as Midnight and recently elevated to godhood—and Cyric are bound together in conflict.
Cyric, now the god of strife, murder, and the dead, has become even more obsessed with power and revenge. No longer content with just the Tablets of Fate, he wants the Forgotten Realms all to himself—and to rule them in the name of evil. Only Mystra, the new goddess of magic, has the ability to defeat him and restore the balance that has been lost.
Book 3
New York Times bestseller: Midnight and Adon are tasked with returning the magical Tablets of Fate to their rightful guardian—finding adventure, friendship, and romance along the way
After their adventures in Tantras, Midnight and her allies are tasked with returning the Tablets of Fate—mysterious and ancient artifacts on which the responsibilities of the gods are recorded—to the god Ao.
However, their quest is more complicated than it appears. The evil gods Myrkul and Bhaal also seek the Tablets, hoping to twist them to their own dark ends. And they aren’t the only ones with a selfish hidden agenda. Hungry for power, the deity Cyric is on a similar mission—one that further imperils the very existence of Faerûn itself. Though Cyric was once Midnight’s trusted friend, their history cannot save her from his ruthless ambition . . .

The destiny of the world will soon be decided and a new pantheon of gods will rise into the heavens.
Book 2
Falsely accused of murder, heroes Midnight and Adon must identify the true assassin in order to save themselves and the Forgotten Realms
When Elminster the mage is announced dead, adventurers Midnight and Adon are accused of his murder. Suddenly, the two friends are caught amongst the swirling forces of good and evil, unknowingly implicated in a plot concocted by Bane—the god of murder—who is desperate to return to his former power.  
Bane and his allies will stop at nothing to recover the lost Tables of Fate, artifacts that preserve the balance between Law and Chaos—and may even restore Bane to his former glory. As the evil surrounding Midnight and Adon grows more potent, their quest to defeat Bane and prove their innocence grows fraught with betrayals from both friends and enemies alike. Without anyone to trust, can Midnight and Adon find a way to clear their names and save the Realms from a terrible fate?
Book 1
In this landmark Forgotten Realms novel, a band of heroes seeks the one ally who can help them win a deadly race against the gods: Elminster
When the gods are banished from the heavens, they must travel through Faerûn in the guise of mortals, seeking to regain their powers. Malevolent Bane, power-hungry Mystra, and Helm—guardian of the heavens—all know the lost Tablets of Fate are key.

When four companions, the last survivors of the Company of the Lynx, find themselves in possession of a mysterious amulet, they must escape death at the hand of Bane, god of murder.
But time is running out for the heroes and the Realms. Caught in the crossfire, nature itself revolts: strange, deadly creatures stalk the land, and even magic becomes unpredictable. Now embroiled in a high-level power struggle with the fallen deities, the heroes must find the sage Elminster—the only mortal who may know the secret of the tablets. And the search begins in Shadowdale.

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